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A Year Later...

Updated: Apr 10

Benji Does started a little over a year ago as a vision of my higher self and a compass to guide my focus. We made it! Benji Does went the whole year full-time werkin' fer myself, making cool stuff for my clients! It has been a journey, some months come easy and some are a little crunchy and frustrating but I am proud to have made it to where I am right now.

I have ADHD, so let's talk about the stuff that happened this year and what I have planned for Benji Does in 2023. I'll also include some MVP mentions from my developing network of amazingly talented professionals, friends, and family. I'll also hand out my favorite awards to other things that kept me going this year as well.


2022 Good Stuff

I joined a networking group focused on growth at the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce. I was doing BNI before this and the group just didn't last unfortunately so I needed a new referral source and network connections. The Chamber has really been effective in helping me obtain wins and make solid connections I wouldn't have done on my own.

Get off the internet and go talk to people.


I reached my goal of obtaining 10 regular clients!

Here's why I only want 10 clients...

Blair makes some very good points.


Tom Blodgett wrote an article about me after meeting with me for an interview at a bagel shop in Tempe. I wasn't expecting to meet someone new let alone anyone interested in writing about me in any newspaper.

Thanks for the mention, Tom, it's turned into many calls and meetings.


Benji's Goals for 2023

Ayy, it's New Years! Listen to the Bridge Troll that lives in my head for a little while. My goals for this year are pretty simple... I must continue to grow. So here's a quick list of things that fell out of my 48oz brain which I plan to focus on this year. I need more help, money, reviews, and I need to be more consistent with content production.

If I want to grow I need to find an intern!

I need more people to knock out the work I have, faster. I need someone to help me complete general tasks, someone that's eager to learn what I know... hopefully someone who can deal with my coffee breath. I'll be working with the Gilbert Chamber to find someone interested in filling this role for me.

If I want to grow I need to make more money!

  • Create service opportunities for current clients

  • Obtain Reviews from my clients (Review me on Facebook & Google)

  • Increase prices for the plans

  • Market myself to find more clients (but I still only want 10 clients)

  • Develop additional revenue streams

  • Create paid educational training materials

If I want to grow I need to protect myself!

  • Get my body into better shape (story of my life)

  • Find Health & Business Insurance

  • Find a Business Lawyer (more like afford one)

If I want to grow I need to have Marketing Goals!

  • More website traffic from

  • Regular social posts linking to my

  • Weekly livestream vlogs which fold into

  • Monthly emails for clients & fans

  • Monthly emails to paid clients with important insights

  • Offer monthly specials on products or services

  • I also plan to involve myself more in the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce as an event sponsor and by attending local ribbon cuttings.


Benji's MVP Picks & Awards

My Family MVPs have to be my Brother, Nick and my sister-in-law, Brooke. They are always sweet to me and let me go off on a lot of stupid topics of conversation. They also let my son have a bunch of fun sleepovers with his cousins, which he absolutely loves. They support me and they are always a great hang. Thanks guys for being there for me and loving me.


My Network MVP is Jason Geroux of 4:10 Real Estate & Property Management. Jason helped me get here, without his help I would still be figuring things out but I have no idea what that'd look like. Jason pushed me to be in networking groups and he is also a great client to work with, easy to please and great to talk to. Thanks for everything, Jason.


Benji's Music Awards go to a few songs from YouTube that I listened to this year while I was working on client websites, or cranking on some creative projects.

The opening to this is so good.

Hey, if you've made it down here, follow me on Facebook and FFS share music with me on my timeline. I love me some music, baby.


Thank You!

Thanks everyone for coming to read my 2022 year-end wrap up blog... it seems weird to finally be putting my blog together at the end of the year but I will have more blogs to share in 2023, look forward to me ranting about marketing, business, and probably more music to share.

If you want to help me out this year, a good referral for me is someone with a new or small business who has been struggling to reach their audience online. I'll take a gander at what exists, talk to the client about what success looks like for them and we'll go from there. My goals for any business is to make sure they're established, communicating and eventually moved-on to other bigger things. I fond that most businesses, even big ones are often missing something foundational or are neglected due to successful growth in other areas of the business.

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