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Who is Benji?

A Personal Profile, Vern.

A picture of Chris "Benji" Benjamin.

Chris "Benji" Benjamin

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Hats I've Worn

  • Designer

  • Animator

  • Illustrator

  • Producer

  • Technical Director

  • Multimedia Designer

  • Marketing Director

  • Art Director

  • Airman

I enjoy what I do.

I started Benji Does because it gives me great pleasure to make businesses look incredible, nothing stresses me out more than to see someone struggling to do my simple job! I have a strong aesthetic sense and I genuinely enjoy my creative process; leveling up small businesses, establishing their brand standards, creating logos, communicating with audiences, developing business processes, refining brand messaging, brainstorming ideas and bringing them to life. I live for this stuff.

A gif animation of someone asking "But Why?"

You gotta have a "Why"

Digital Marketing isn't hard.

If you disagree with me then you're in the right place. You and I both appreciate it when things are done well, in good faith, for commensurate value. Unfortunately for many of my clients, that means you have to pay tons of cash to faceless design teams with crazy overhead to get what you're looking for. Many creative agencies are smoke and mirrors, weak digital advertisers with little to no focus on creative that means something. Come at me.

By hiring me you’ll support a veteran owned small business.


I've worn lots of hats for private business owners, franchisors & franchisees, marketing departments, advertising agencies, pastors, and vendors in healthcare, information technology, mining, houses of worship, production studios, education, and live performers.


Arizona Autism


The Autism Nation




Pixel8 Studios

Brand standards, website, live production studio, vehicle wraps, building & trade show signage, standing banners, office vinyl wraps, CRM, social media, photography, mass email, branded events, business cards, EDDM, collateral materials, video production, illustration, custom apparel, logos, advertising, USPTO Registration.

Brand standards, website, CRM, vehicle wraps, promotional items, event & tradeshow signage, social media, branded events, business cards, collateral materials, video production, custom apparel, logos, advertising

Website development, mass email, social media, lead generation, digital advertising, collateral materials, trade show display, digital display ads, landing pages, sales funnels, billboard, radio, & TV advertising, 

Animation, rigging, layout, graphic design, instructional design, illustration, & video production.


Before I joined the military in 2002 I went to an Open House at The Art Institute of Phoenix. I would later return as a veteran of the United States Air Force.


The Art Institute of Phoenix

Bachelor of Arts

Media Arts & Animation

Multimedia Design is Design Literacy

Looks like a duck. Walks like a duck. Talks like a duck.

Everywhere. All the time.

I create deliverables with mixed multimedia to tell stories, sell products, share ideas and information, to entertain and influence people online and offline, in print and for digital display. Looking your best and speaking with one voice, unified and cohesive across platforms is called identity.

I use these skills:
  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Video Editing

  • Video Production

  • Vector Illustration

  • Traditional Illustration

  • Traditional ​Animation

  • 3D ​Animation

To make these:
  • Websites

  • Commercials

  • Social Media Posts

  • Print Advertising

  • Digital Display Ads

  • Landing Pages

  • Live Streams

  • Collateral Materials

  • Trade Shows

Get your website right here.

Get it done right the first time, Benji is the last marketing partner you'll ever need.

Benji's bald head looking up at the demo button.
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