My creative development process is simple, I listen to you tell me what hurts and we go from there. Each one of the projects Benji Does™ stands on it's own visually while communicating easily and directly to the correct people, intersecting good and fast


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Consultation & Mentourship

Talk to experienced business pros who share in your success!

Marketing has a steep learning curve, mistakes are expensive, and campaigns require exhaustive forethought if you expect success and quality in repeated ROI.

  • Market Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Public Relations

  • KPIs & Coaching

  • TV & Radio Prep

Bespoke Design & Media Production

Look amazing. Obtain leads. Improve.

Your website, commercial, sales funnel, brand identity all built to order in 45 days or less.


Look at all of the incredible creative services we offer!

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Pictures

  • Messaging

  • Data Analysis

  • Car Wraps

  • Signage

  • Digital Display

  • Advertising

  • Mass Email

Live Streaming

Benji Does your branded events LIVE!

Stream to your official pages with multi-destination HD streaming! What an incredible opportunity you have to get in front of your crowd and let them know how perfect of a fit you are for their need! Generate content, establish a committed fanbase, or just showcase your special engagement.

  • Program Graphics

  • Multiple Cameras

  • Branded Stingers

  • Record & Archive

  • Live Chat Stream

  • Pro Audio & CC

  • Bonded Connection

  • Redundant Power

  • Secure Viewing

  • Call to Action

  • Multiple Destinations

  • RTMP Server

Chalk Outline

Do you know where to HIDE a DEAD BODY?

The second page of Google search.

​ I mean, is it even a website if it doesn't generate it's own traffic? Did it answer questions people were searching for? Looking incredible is one thing but drawing a relevant audience to a solution is a true experience worth building.

TOTAL SUPPORT! Your friend in the creative business! 

I offer video support and tutorials for anyone who wants to work on their own website. I will show you how I build sites and how to troubleshoot your particular issue so you're never left alone in the dark.

Get your website right here.

Get it done right the first time, Benji is the last marketing partner you'll ever need.